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We at V-8 Archie are happy to announce the availability of a totally new service never before offered to Fiero owners.

Back in the Hay Day of Custom Cars, one of the most popular Customizing techniques was to make the Custom Car a “Chop Top”. This is the process lowering the roof on a particular car to give it a custom look to set it aside from other vehicles and models.

Many 30', 40's and 50's cars and trucks were Customized in this manner. Even today, you can hardly go to any car show without seeing cars of this era with Chopped Tops.

Over the years cars with chopped tops have become rare, except as noted above. Later model cars of the 60's, 70's and later are very rarely chopped. The increase of windshield angle and curved side windows and the general shape of the greenhouses, made Top Chopping on the later model cars much more difficult. In short, most of the newer cars, with their laid back windshields and curved side glass, don’t lend them selves well to the Customization technique of top chopping. However Chopped Tops remain very popular as evidenced by the continued popularity of early chop top cars at various car shows and in new car manufacturers’ concept cars.

Our new Chop Top Fiero changes all that.

We are happy to announce that we now are doing the Chop Top Fieros in house.

We chop and section the roof and lay the windshield back some 9 deg. more than the stock Fiero windshield. This method, while being more labor intensive, allows us to use the stock Fiero windshield thus avoiding one of the main reasons no-one Chops the tops on newer cars.

This “One of a Kind” conversion is not available as a kit and is an in-house project only. We anticipate that it will be a year or two before we have completely developed a Kit for home “do it yourselfers”. By then, all the guys winning the trophies at your local Fiero and Custom Cars shows will be winning with cars we helped build.

Some of the particulars of this conversion are as follows:
1) The actual chop as measured at the rear window is 2-3/4".
2) Your Fiero will retain the stock Windshield, it however is remounted.
3) The Rear window is replaced with a new safety glass rear window.
4) The door glass is replaced by 1/4" Lexan vacuum formed to the new profile of the side window opening.
5) Your original upper rear clip and roof panel are removed, reworked and replaced.
6) The original Fiero interior trim parts are reworked to give the interior a stock finished look.

The process of doing a complete Chop Top conversion is very labor intensive and can be best broken down into three progressive steps.

Step #1 The Outside
a) We remove your original top roof section, windshield and the top section of the rear clip.
b) We support the Fiero chassis and cut, chop & section the original roof and reform the windshield mounting area.
c) We cut and re-build the roof sections to reflect the new chopped roof line profile.
d) We remove the original Fiero side windows and replace them with custom made Lexan parts.
e) We remount the windshield and install the totally new rear window.
f) We reinstall the newly modified rear clip and roof panel and trim parts.
g) We make and install replacement Quarter windows (coupe or fastback)
Step #2 The Inside
h) We totally remove ALL interior panels, carpet, seats, dash etc.
I) We modify the interior “A” & “B” pillar trim pieces and reinstall them.
J) We re-assemble the complete interior.
Step #3 The Finish
k) We finish the exterior body work to where it is ready for final prep and paint.
l) We re-paint the modified body pieces to the original colors. (Complete paint jobs are available but not included in the following pricing.)


For the complete conversion (Steps #1, #2 & #3) Price By Quote Only*
Forconversion without paint (Steps #1 & #2) Price $ 3995.00
For the conversion to the top only (Step #1 you do the interior & paint at your leisure) Introductory Price $ 3595.00
* This price can vary depending on your paint choices.

The complete process takes 3 to 4 weeks to complete and is by appointment only.

You are urged to make your appointment early. We have limited capacity and expect a large demand.

For an appointment or more information you can contact Archie by Email, Mail or Phone.

We are quite excited about this new item and hope you are too.


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