Pat's Ultimate NHRA Drag Fiero

The car shown is a 1986 SE that has been completely modified for drag racing or pro street. The NHRA tech inspectors had never seen a rear traversed V-8 car before that also had a 400 hp nitrous kit. Therefore they had a hard time choosing a class to put the car in. It finally ended up as a Super Pro with the best time so far of a 1/4 mile et of 10.30 @ 127.29 MPH . This drag Fiero is also an automatic.

Note: I have included my time slip along with the pics for all you NON-BELIEVERS.

The was driven daily for 2 years with a stock 350 CI Chevy small block, in the mean time I was starting to get interested in drag racing once again. :))) After two divorces later I could now afford the money to go racing again. :))

My Company:
C&C performance centers
PO box 413
717-839-8177 (shop)
717-839-3961 (fax) (email)

Has always been involved in the assembly of kit cars and high performance motors, speed equipment sales and installations. So this making of a drag Fiero was a natural project for me. The only kit for V-8 swaps for Fiero's that we recommend is the one furnished by V8 Archie.

The Drag Fiero shown didn't come overnight!! It took well over a year of trial and error to be able to come up with the right combo of Parts and modifications to get the car down into the 10 sec bracket. A catalog is available upon request showing the necessary parts proven to be reliable enough for the task. It comes complete with 35 mm color photo's.

The Catalog contains some custom parts available through my company, C&C performance. Such as Custom NHRA approved Roll bar, dropped front and rear spindles, heavy duty rear support axle bearings, Fuel cells, fuel pumps, Nitrous kits, racing seats, harness, Complete racing Automatic transaxles, Racing wheel stud kits. Along with complete front hub, brake rotor, bearings and racing studs installed, ready to bolt on. Boy was that a long sentence.

If anyone is interested in a Catalog the price is $10.00 refundable with a parts order. Complete tech support is available with your order.....
After being in the performance business for over 16 years at the same address, My experience with Archie, from the company V-8 Archie has been nothing but a four star experience.

My future plans: In August 1998 we hope to host a Fiero, Fiero based kit car, Drag weekend to be located at Island dragway great meadows New Jersey. If anyone is interested in attending please get in touch with me personally at My shop or fax number above, as This will be invitation only. :))

(Major Credit Cards Accepted)

Many thanks,

Pat Ciarcia

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