Silver Fino For Sale

Unique Fino Component Car not a Ferrari Kit Car
This Fino is built on the versatile Fiero Chassis with a 2.8 L V-6
engine and Automatic transmission. We manufacture and sell These Fino
body kits to those who would like to build it themselves. Now, here is
your chance to own one of the most unique and rare automobiles in the

This is a Unique, Rare, original body designed by Peter Ashdown in Essex
England. I bought the company from him and we now build these cars in
the USA. Built on a 1985 Fiero V-6 Chassis, this car sports “T” tops and
automatic transmission. This body style is NOT a replica of any other
present or past automobile.

This car has a new paint job and I cannot think of any flaws in the
paint job. The interior is original Fiero in Gray and in good condition.

This has been one of my personal "Demo" cars for a couple of years now.
I am currently building another one that will replace this car at the
shows next year. Both of the "Kit Car" magazines that service the
industry have already taken pictures of this car for future issues.

The car has approx. 60000 miles and runs and drives good. The fit and
finish of the body panels is perfect and the car shows very well.

Imagine driving this car this Spring.
This car is Firmly priced at $16,500.00.


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