We now have a new Hatchback kit available for the 1986-1988 Fiero GT body styles.

This hatchback requires no modifications to the original Fiero rear clip & is basically a bolt on unit.

The Hatchback Kit consists of a outer & inner skin bonded together with steel reinforcement ribs to give it a solid OEM fit, finish & quality.

It uses the stock Fiero latch, keylock & rubber bump stops.

It has steel plate glassed into the areas where the stock GT latch & modified GT decklid hinges bolt to.

It uses a 350Z rear window. We recommend that you use vents on either side of the rear window to vent the engine compartment. In some of these pictures you can see the vents that we installed for the customer. He supplied us with a drawing of the vents he wanted & made these vents to his drawing. You can design & install your own vents or in some cases, depending on your design, we can do it for you at additional cost.

The price is $675.00 & includes the upper hinge bracket. (you'll have to modify the Fiero decklid hinge to work with it) Instructions for that mod are provided.

The kit doesn't include the 350Z rear window because you can get them locally cheaper than we can ship you one.

Note that the hatch doesn't include the rear spoiler that we installed on this car. That rear spoiler is available separately. You can find that spoiler option else where on this web site.

This car also has our MadArch WideBody kit on it & that kit is also available separately.

These hatches can be shipped via UPS, however UPS charges “Oversize #3” rates. We should be able to ship them anywhere in the 48 states for less than $120.00. You also can arrange to pick up your hatch at our shop.