Fiero Interior Waterfall

We have a new Fiero interior part that we have just begun to produce. It’s a one-piece console/back panel part that incorporates wrap around areas behind the seats with a upper center section that forms a “Waterfall” down to the console.

It was originally designed for a Roadster such as my new Finale Roadster. However, it can also be installed into your Fiero interior.

This part is $430.00 plus shipping. Note that shipping can be a bit expensive because the part is so big. This part can be installed into a Fiero with a stock roofline by feeding it I through the doorway after removing the seats & original console. Note that if you have a Fiero with a 3” Chop Top, you will have a very tight fit to get it into your Fiero to install it.

Check out the pictures & E-mail or call if you need more information.