We’d like to introduce our New WideBody Kits

We have developed some new Body Kits that allow you to make your Fiero into a WideBody car.

The Base kit allows you to make your car wider by 6” (3” per side) in the rear while still maintaining the unmistakeable Fiero look.

The Base Kit includes: a pair of the WideBody Rocker panels, A pair of Fender Caps, A pair of Door Caps & a new WideBody rear bumper.

We also have a Deluxe version of the Kit that includes new fiberglass front fenders that will make the car 2” wider (1” per side) in the front.

We have these kits for both the Fastback & Notchback Fieros.

These kits will require wider Wheels & tires to complete the look.

Some fiberglassing is required to mount the Fender & Door Caps while the Rear Bumper, Rocker Panels & new front fenders are virtually bolt on.

The Base WideBody Kit is $1950.00, with the Optional Front Fenders the kit is $2250.00 plus shipping.

Note: The cars in the pictures have other body modifications that are not included in these kits.