Our New 6-Speed Fiero Transmission Conversion Kit allows you to mount the new Pontiac G6 6 speed transmission into any stick shift Pontiac Fiero. 

We’ve now designed a kit to enable this new 6 speed to be installed into all stick shift Fieros. If you have a stock Fiero engine or a SBC engine swap or anything in between, we have a kit that will allow you to install the 6 speed.As you might know we do a lot of Chevy V-8 conversions here & have a lot of customers out there with SBC’s in their cars. The SBC version of our 6 speed conversion allows the SBC guys to use all of the major parts of their original V-8 conversion when retro-fitting the 6 speed. 

The G6 6 speed is just ¼” longer that the Fiero Getrag transmission. The end of the trans that is the closest to the left side frame rail is larger in profile because that transmission has 3 gear shafts instead of the Fiero’s 2 shafts. 

As you will see, a large part of the total cost of the swap is the G6 specific parts. The swap can be very affordable if you can obtain these parts at a salvage yard. However, the G6 just started using the 6 speed in 2006. This may make them a hard to find in the salvage yards. Optionally, you can find them on Ebay for $400 or $500 each. They can also be purchased at your local GM dealer parts department(at about $1850.00 each).

In addition to the transmission this swap requires several other G6 driveline parts. We have 2 versions of the 6 speed conversion kit. The Economy 6 Speed Conversion Kit includes all of the custom parts that it takes to complete the conversion & allows you to buy the needed G6 parts on your own.The Master 6 Speed Conversion Kit includes all parts in the Economy kit plus all of the new G6 parts that are needed.