Our Big Brake Kit for the ’84 to 87 Fieros allows you to install bigger brakes at a price that won’t break the bank. We can sell you the complete kit or just the adapters. Either way you get a Video Instruction Tape & a complete parts list that tells you exactly what to buy to complete the kit yourself.

Parts List:

Front Caliper Adapter ’84-87 (2)
Rear Caliper Adapter ’84-87 (2)
Caliper Adapter Spacers Front (4)
Caliper Adapter Spacers Rear (4)
11.25" Vented Rotor (4)
Caliper front Left side (1)
Caliper front Right side (1)
Caliper rear Left side (1)
Caliper rear Right side (1)
Guide Pins (bolts) (8) For Calipers
Brake Shoes (2 sets)
Master Cylinder Larger Bore (1)
Brake Line Fitting Adapter (4)
Banjo (4)
Braided Brake Lines (4)
New Lug Studs (10)
Video Instruction Tape

This full kit is $1440 complete.

If you would like to just buy the front and rear Caliper adapters they are $ 240.00