V-8 Archie is proud to announce that we continue to offer the "Warber" Vented Hoods.

A little more than 6 years ago, while my Blue Chop Top was under construction, The late Rich Warber(who was working for me at the time) modified the hood on my car to provide an original designed Vented Hood. At that time I named the hood the "Warber Vented Hood". In addition to my Blue Chop Top, you've seen these original hand crafted hoods on the "Purple Pavement Eater", Paul Vargyas's V-8 Fiero, my "White Ghost" & many other V-8 powered Fieros.

Often imitated but never duplicated, these hoods are hand crafted by some of the same people who made them from the original design.

Rich is gone now, but the design lives on. More than 20 hours of hand labor go into each one made, so production is limited. We now have the time & personal to hand build several of these unique hoods.

These hoods are completely blocked, preped & primed. Your body man needs only to scuff & paint to match your car.

Not only is this hood an original, but it's also an excellent value. They are $450 plus only $50 core charge or exchange of your old hood.

WE also now have a Fiberglass Warber hood insert kit so you can build your own hood at home. It come with extensive instructions & itís priced at $ 149.00.

I hope you like them and think of Rich whenever you see one at a show.