Welcome to V-8 Archie's

Here you will find the necessary products to make your Fiero smoke just about anything on the street and look better than many new cars. Not only do we know how to make your Fiero perform, we can help you make it look great also. Are you building that exotic kit car, but also want the power to match the exotic style? We can help. Not only do we concentrate on making quality products, we also have fast, friendly customer service.
We still have the V-8 Engine Conversion kits to install any SBC Chevy engine into any Fiero. We also have a bunch of new products for your Fiero.
We can now supply kits to mount the new generation LSx series engines into any Stick Shift Fiero.
We have introduced a new conversion kit to allow you to install the new Pontiac G6 6 speed stick shift transmission into any Fiero whether it has the stock engine or any of the popular V-6 or V-8 engine swaps.
We still are the only source for the Finale & Fino body kits & we now have a Roadster version available.
Check out our new GT4T Body Kit, it’s the only accurate GT40 Replica ever made for the Fiero chassis.
We have a new “WideBody” conversion kits that allow you to modify your Fastback or Notchback Fiero. This kit makes it some 6” wider in the rear, with and option to make it 2” wider in the front.
Feel free to look around and check out what we have. Feel free to call or email (Archie@v8archie.com) us with any comments or questions. Come back often and see what we have added!