F requently A sked Q uestions

The following is a list of FAQ's for our V-8 Fiero Engine Conversion Kits. In an effort to answer all your Questions we will be constantly adding to this list of FAQ's. If you have a question that you would like answered please submit it to Archie at this address: question@v8archie.com Archie will personally answer your question via Email and we may use it in these FAQ's, so please ask away.

Q What size of an engine can I fit into my Fiero?

Q Do I need to cut or stretch the frame?

Q What kind of transaxle do I use?

Q Do I need to modify the engine cradle?

Q How much horsepower can the Fiero Stick shift transmissions handle?

Q Do I need aftermarket or stronger axles?

Q Is it true that I need a bigger radiator?

Q Do I need to use a computer controlled engine or a carbureted engine?

Q Does you kit use the original motor mounts and trans mounts?

Q Can you use any year and make of Fiero for the swap?

Q Is there any "special" things I need to do for different years?

Q What is the weight difference with a V-8?

Q What about the tach, what kind of modifications do I need to do for that?

Q Is a V-8 going to ruin my handling?

Q Can I really fit my A/C and cruise control in with my V-8?

Q What does you kit include?

Q Do I need to make any brake upgrades?

Q What about rear suspension, does anything need to be changed?

Q How about exhaust, what needs to be done?

Q Will a V-8 pass California emissions?

Q How much time does it usually take to install a V-8?

Q What kind of mufflers can fit on a V-8 Fiero?

Q What does a V-8 Fiero sound like?

Q Will the V-8 cause stretching or weakening in my frame?

Q Does a V-8 powered Fiero increase my value of my Fiero?

Q What kind of clutch do you use?

Q How many years have you been doing this?

Q How many swaps have you performed?

Q How many V-8 kits have you sold?