What is a Fiero Web-Ring?

A Fiero Web-Ring is a collection of the sites with information that is related to Pontiac Fiero.

How to Join?

Joining is very easy. Fill out the following form, add some HTML to you page, and your set!
As long as your page includes Fiero content, you qualify.

Now comes the registration part.

Page Address:
Name of Site:

When you hit enter, you will be given a unique site ID number. Write it down somewhere.
Add the HTML coding located in the text box at the bottom of this page to the page which you have just registered. The purpose of the web-ring is to link several pages together, and the link needs to be on the main area, not buried in the coal bin. Place it anywhere you like, most of these 'rings' want the link at the top, but I feel its your page and your work, so let's aim for the bottom of the page where its easy to find after they have had a peek at your offerings.

Be sure and change the following:

YOUR-EMAIL-ADDRESS this is your email address.
YOUR-SITE-ID Replace this with the Site ID that was returned when you register(ed).

If you ever have to modify the information you can do it here. This will allow you to edit your information.

Site ID

If you have any questions or comments, email me at: ufoinmi@aol.com


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Questions or comments, email the creator at: ufoinmi@aol.com