Technical aspects of stock and modified Pontiac Fieros


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[Last updated on: Tues Mar 21 2000]

Welcome To Fiero-TechNet. This list is dedicated to the Technical/Mechanical
aspects of Fiero Ownership. This list was originally started because it
was clear that other lists would declare a "Flame War" and "Boot" members
anytime a technical discussion lead to a dis-agreement.  Yet posts to
threads such as "Sex in a Fiero" & "anything Sub-woofer" would go on
endlessly.  IMHO, there is a place for those topics, it's just not on a
Fiero based list. When we started this list it was evident that several
other had the same opinion of what a Fiero list should be about,
membership swelled from 0 to 100 in the first week.  We now have over 600
members. There are only a few topics that I would consider off-topic. That
among those are the 2 subjects above, anything to do with a gas crisis,
stuff like "Fiero vs MR2", computer Virus stuff & any other subject not
specifically Fiero AND Technical related.

This mailing list belongs to all members, and there is no moderating of
the list.  That said, there are policies and guidelines that have been
developed as a result of general group consensus, which all members are
expected to honor for the benefit of the group.

Each member of the mailing list is responsible for reading and being
aware of these guidelines, and if you've never read this posting, or are
rusty on it, please read it now.
We like to hear discussions and disagreements as long as they are
concentrated on the subject. Flames are not encouraged here but rest
assured that just because you disagree with someone doesn't mean that
your disagreement will be interpreted as a Flame.   We are all adults
here, and we should be able to enjoy each other's company without some
kid reaching down and declaring honest disagreements to be flames.   If
you are looking for the warm fuzzies of having someone protecting you,
then you are in the wrong place.   Disagreements are ok, just as long as
it doesn't become a personal attack on the poster.
a.  Any list member generating 10 complaints to the list-owner about
personal flaming or abusive postings will automatically be suspended
from the list for a one-week period. A second occurrence with 15
complaints will result in the list member's permanent removal from the
list with public notification.
Any dissent over an action above of an equal or greater number will
generate a vote and the majority will rule.
b.  All complaints about the postings of another list member can be sent
by private e-mail to the admin.  If a vote becomes necessary, as in "a"
above then copy of the complaints will be posted with the vote notice by
the admin. The purpose behind this is to encourage free discussion  and
to let the list members know what's right and wrong about the original
c.  Any member who receives unwanted e-mail from another member should
ask the sender to stop.  If s/he doesn't, s/he will be suspended from
the list.  This policy is designed to support respect for our fellow
members and the spirit with which we come together here.
The same etiquette guidelines, which are encouraged in USENET and on
most mailing lists, are operative here.  Because
generates a lot of traffic, these guidelines are critical for those who
are short of time, must pay to download mail, and frankly everyone else
as well.  When was the last time you heard:  "There just isn't enough
quoted material!" or "I want more one-liners!"  So...
a.  Quote only the minimum needed for context when replying to a post. 
If either the header or sig. of the previous poster shows up in your
reply, you have definitely over-quoted.   If you don't know how to edit
posts, or are on the digest and editing is difficult, an option is to
type in a couple-line summary of the post you're responding to.
b.  If you find a post particularly interesting, resist the impulse to
quote it in its entirety just because you enjoyed it. Everyone has read
it already.
c.  Words of encouragement and support are wonderful; one-liners that
say simply "I agree" are best sent by private mail to the poster and not
to the list.
Often, a poster's question has been answered already by the time you
read the post.  Before replying, check to see if that's the case.  A
good rule of thumb is to read mail and get a sense of what has been
posted already before responding.  Yours may be a duplicate or moot by
the time you post.
Often a long thread begins to veer off from the original subject, which
no longer describes accurately the content of the post.  Please use
descriptive subject lines when originating posts, and change them when
Sales ads that do not have relevance to the topic will not be tolerated
and are grounds for permanent expulsion from the list.  
Since the fiero-technet list does not accept posts from non-subscribers,
cross-posting is not allowed.  
Any and all questions regarding these guidelines, as well as input,
suggestions, complaints, and jokes, may be -- and are encouraged to be
-- sent to me at either of the addresses below.
   Thanks for being here!
   List Creator