Our Finale kits come complete with everything you need to build the complete car (except the Fiero, wheels, Tires and paint).

We have purchased the entire Candy Apple Cars business and have brought this operation to the U.S. The Body kits are being produced in the Chicago area and you will not have to pay the high shipping costs from the U.K. that have been the norm up 'til now.

These body kits install on all Fieros. The only original Fiero body part that is retained with these kits is the forward roof section. All of the original Fiero glass is retained and additional windows as required by the body kits are included in your kit. The Fiero chassis will require no major modifications to allow these bodies to fit properly. These bodies use the majority of the original Fiero body mounting points and are REAL EASY to install. It is estimated that the average homebuilder can assemble these cars in less than 100 hours.

The Finale body style offers the European styling cues in a uniquely designed personal sports car. This body style offers a feature never before seen on a Fiero Re-body. Because of the common styling of the doors and rocker panel sets, you can mix and match the front & rear sections of both the Finale and Fino styles. You can also mix & match the tall vs. Low rear wings. For example you can use the Finale nose, the Fino rear clip with either a high or low wing, or you can use the Fino nose and the Finale rear clip with either a high or low wing. If you decide to mix and match the parts you need not worry about cost. No matter what front clip, rear clip or wing you decide to use there is no additional cost.

These complete kits are now priced at $4995.00 for either the Finale or the Fino.  Most kit makers require a 50% deposit, not us. Most kit makers won't let you use your Credit Card, we will. We have the kits in stock for immediate delivery.

As you can expect, production is limited to about 1 body per week, we have been working very hard to build an inventory of these kits and to be able to keep kits in stock for immediate delivery.